Tuesday, 19 April 2011

victoria secret fashion show.how its going to be this year??

omg,saya mmg sukakan event victoria secret.n this year apa lah yg akan terjadi..is it going to be as fabulous as before?jawapannya of kos..victoria secret is one of the most anticipated event of the year.bayangkanlah the most beautiful female models walk the runway.and everyone has their own feveret..for me,saya suka giselle bundchen tp dia dh x model 4 victoria secret anymore but her presence when she model the show sgt fantastic,i love she how she pose.it looks very seducing.selain beliau,tyra banks is one of my feveret too.i love when she smiles with eyes n it looks so damn pretty.skunk nie saya minat kat alessandra ambrosio,she's brazillian beauty and she is so hot.saya suka dia sbb dia sgt cantik and im hoping she will be the main model for this year victoria secret event..finger cross..
she got wings.isn't she goddess beautiful?i like her so much.

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