Wednesday, 13 April 2011

love friendship???

u know what,love and friendship yg mana satu kowunk akn prioritize dulu??some will choose love,some will choose friendship n the rest will choose both.masalahnya skunk,lau sapew dh kapel 2 secara otomatiknya dia akn jd renggang ngan kwn dia,yea la mesti la 24/7 ngan bf@gf.for me la.frankly speaking i wil choose friendship sbb i know that susah or sng kwn 2 still ad ngan kita but sometimes love will soon fade away.saya still ingat kata2 my friend kat sekolah rndh dulu(ceh hbat gilew ingatanku-uweik:P) dia ckp cinta ibarat kentut ditahan resah diluah that true??ntah la maria..ia depends on individual thinking la plak kn.apa yg dia pk psl bnda 2.for me hang out ngan friends ag best sbb i will be as wild n crazy as i can be lau kuar ngan ehem2 kene la cover nnt terkejut la si dia dgn telatah kita yg ntah apa2 2 kan..ntahla sudin....
friendship is about connecting with people and understanding and sharing of thick and thin together

love is a 4 letter needs sacrifice and loyalty.will u really prepared 2 give ur all to love??well i dont know..

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