Wednesday, 27 April 2011

trip to broga was a blast.

kelmarin hari selasa kan?so me n my friends(abg palie,wahid,syana and farah elyani) we all went to broga hill..sebenarnya kami nak pegi pkl 530 pagi.tup2 end up pegi dlm pkl 8.actually it was my fault because i tertido and x bitch kan?well im sorry about that.kami mula2 kumpul kat ro dpn kdo punya foyer(i mean ukm la tmpat gua study)maka bermulalah perjalanan kami ke sana..pada mulanya saya x tau la knapa kak farah nie sgt emo.dia nak marah almost sumer org and i was like r u ok??then yg nie mmg x blh bla masa dia tiba2 marah bagai nak rak tu dia tertinggal phone dia kat mesin atm(ish ish blh plak tertinggal phone kan)alhamdulillah kami berjaya mendapatkan balik phone to syana(hey dude),wahid n myself(masuk bakul angkat sendiri) kerana berjaya memujuk org itu utk memberikan balik phonenya..ok enuf with that,kami smpai kat broga dlm pkl 11 kot.then bemulalah journey kita owunk meredah broga.sampai 1 stop jea but it worth the effort la.the view sgt best walapom panas.mmg enjoy sakai gilew.thanks kowunk..hope kita dpt buat xtviti cang gini lagi..

masa nie dh trn broga..mmg panas gilew so rest la kjap.then america's next top model la kjap..snap snap

3 dara dot(wahid,farah,syana)tgan abg palie mencacatkan gmbar nie

kak wann ad pada hari kejadian kedai ttp.yea la skunk ukm exam week so dia sdg fokus utk exam..good luck kak wann!!

masa nie tgh rehat meredah broga.siyes penat bhai..

bajet mcm photo album movie la plak.but nice..

sempat ag pose.sgt letih kot naik broga nie..kami semua hot and cun..hahaha

wahid and farah strecthing sebelum naik broga..

yang nie xtau la apa abg palie buat merangkak kea apa nie..entahla

bajet mcm filem titanic la,,huhu..

gaya letih lpas turun from was fun

abg palie nie lau x bertafakur nie mesti tidoq..

muka bersemanagat nak naik broga.lps tu ad la complaint2 best

2 hot

bajet bawang putih la plak kan abg palie nie..sapew anak raja yg nk kawen ngan dia.opps silap tuan puteri.sowi sowi

me and syana(hey dude) offense syana..gurau2 jea..

farah and wahid berteduh(1st stop broga)

syana pose 

pemandangan broga pada waktu tebgah hari..panas dhorr

me and farah.kami cute,,lol

wahid..apa yg difikirkan beliau..ermm

pemandangan broga

sebelum naik broga

wahid,farah and syana..


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

rules of friendship(copyright of alicia amran)she is so her

My rules of friendship are simple. I guess you need to learn em, dumbass.

  • One, best friends trust each other and NEVER betray each other. What you guys did (talking behind your so-called BFFs back) is what I call ABSOLUTE BETRAYAL.
  • Second, best friends listen to each other regardless of how stupid the something that’s being discussed about sounds like. Musim mengawan ke, apa ke… You know you are talking with your best friends when they did not mock you upon such weird topic you brought up.
  • Third, best friends stay together in both good and bad situations. No matter how cliché it sounds, this is one of the most important rules of friendship.
  • Fourth, best friends help each other as long and as much as they can.
  • Fifth, best friends will never mind about their good deeds toward each other.
  • Sixth, best friends’ good deeds are to be replied with good deeds even though they don’t really care about it (as stated in the fifth rule). Be nice, shouldn’t you?
  • Seventh, best friends forgive AND forget.
  • Eighth, best friends don’t do things they know the other best friends hate of.
  • Ninth, best friends are supposed to be after family but BEFORE boyfriends. Husband/wife is another case.
  • Tenth, best friends lead to the best of you, not the other way around. Someone who influenced you to do anything bad is obviously not a friend.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

is it true that devil wears prada?

is it?if its true,i would like to see when it comes to fashion world most fashion i can say is bias gender.why everything that come under label of fashion has to go with woman?even woman can wear skirt,dress,high heels and so on.i say this not because i jealous(or is it obvious?,don't mind me)lol.well i love fashion its like my best friend,i love to read fashion magazine(credit to my bff-hurairah) for introducing me GLAM magazine which i think is a must for me every month.i like the spread inside the mag and all the latest trend that make world spinning nowadays.when i was 13,i said to myself i will be one of most top fashion designer in the world(perhaps).i love to design,the inspiration comes from within and wallah one sketch of your dream which you express it in one piece of paper and turn to be i guess a huge and beautiful dress or otherwise.for me fashion evolves with time,and every people have their own style so why don't you show it to the world.don't be afraid of what others will say about is a communication with people and connect with them and my definition of fashion is simple yet classy,you can be bitchy sometimes but yet have to make it looks fantastic and blow people mind.lady gaga's fashion taste is crap but people adore her because she dares to take the challenge as others fashion for me also about taking chances,when you see the opportunities ahead grab them with no hesitation and live your life.

victoria secret fashion its going to be this year??

omg,saya mmg sukakan event victoria secret.n this year apa lah yg akan it going to be as fabulous as before?jawapannya of kos..victoria secret is one of the most anticipated event of the year.bayangkanlah the most beautiful female models walk the runway.and everyone has their own feveret..for me,saya suka giselle bundchen tp dia dh x model 4 victoria secret anymore but her presence when she model the show sgt fantastic,i love she how she looks very seducing.selain beliau,tyra banks is one of my feveret too.i love when she smiles with eyes n it looks so damn pretty.skunk nie saya minat kat alessandra ambrosio,she's brazillian beauty and she is so hot.saya suka dia sbb dia sgt cantik and im hoping she will be the main model for this year victoria secret event..finger cross..
she got wings.isn't she goddess beautiful?i like her so much.

Monday, 18 April 2011

kesedihan yang melampau

every tears that i cry for is valuable.i'm a person who hardly to cry but once i cry i cry with my heart.i just don't like fake cry because you can tell it of it's real.sometimes people call me so like drama queen but yet i agree, just don't know what to say anymore.let say if you have someone you love and that person doubt in you what will you do then.since you are so crazy over that person and losing him/her is like making a big darn hole within you and it still leave spark even if it is what is the remedy??
is there any remedy for this?a broken hearted is like a puzzle and it takes time to complete it.


hari nie x hujan tp saya hujan dalam hati.saya sedey sgt dgn sikap segelintir org yg x prnah utk mamaafkan kesilapan orang.yea saya akui saya sedikit jahat a.k.a bitch tp saya xdea la jahat sgt pom.lau saya buat silap n salah i will st8 away minx maaf tp malangnya orn tu mcm susah nak maafkan saya.lau dowunk buat salah n minx maaf saya maafkan without hesitation sbb saya tau sometimes mrk x berniat nak buat mcm tu.saya rasa saya dh byk berkorban utk org lain tp apa yg saya lakukan xdpt papew.saya bknnya mahukan reward atas apa yg saya lakukan at least say tq sudah memadai.susah sgt kea nak ckp 2 perkataan tu.berat sgt kea mulut nk ckp tq.for me saying tq is a mark 4 u to someone as his/her secara x lgsung dia rasa mcm dihargai n akn cuba buat yg lebey baik di masa akan dtg dlm segala hal..

.life as a clown.

what do u expect from this picture?
life as a clown nie byk dugaan n cabarannya.saya rasa hidup saya pom blh diibaratkan mcm clown gk la.mebuatkan org ketawa blh dikatakan my expert but apa yg sebenarnya yg saya alami and undergo bknnya sumer org tau.kesedihan yg melanda hanya blh disimpan oleh saya sahaja.certain things saya share ngan my friends as i think ianya blh make me relieve but certain things i have to bear it in myself and it kills me so badly as ianya akn menjadi satu igauan yg mana saya x blh lupa.yea la sumer org ad masalahnya sendiri n me hanya kita sahaja yang tau bagaimana kesakitan itu.x kira kita share masalah tersebut ngan kwn or special one..

fucking perfect life!

napew sesetengah orang ad yg perfectionist?korunk xrasa pelik kea?kita lahir di dunia ini ngan imperfection
but still ad orang yg perfectionist.for me,you have to embrace ur imperfect tu so that kita akan menghargai hidup ini.apa yang kita dpt lau jadi perfectionist.just for one minute of fame then disappear la.saya dulu pom seorang yang sgt perfectionist tp bilew pk kan balik its no use plak.rasa mcm stupid(no offense) tp hakikatnya mcm tu.hidup yang kita teraju skunk penuh ngan onak durinya so kita kene pandai fit in bak kata owunk masuk kandang lembu menguak masuk kandang harimau mengaum(betul x peribahasa nie..saya xtau gak.hehehe) and setiap orang mempunyai kelemahan n kelebihan masing2.guna la kelemahan n kelebihan diri tu sebagai penanda aras utk lebih matang,sesungguhnya saya dh banyak melalui pahit manis kehidupan n secara x langsung saya kenal erti susah,gembira life is not that fucking perfect after all.yang membuatkan hidup kita perfect adalah diri kita sendiri.lau kita rasa happy so i guess ur life is almost to perfect but u have to decide on ur own.fikir fikir kan lah..hehehe

Sunday, 17 April 2011

confession of a shopahollic?

omg,dh lama rasanya x update blog.ntah la sbb xtau nak tulis apa xdea idea.skunk nie dh ada idea nak tulis.i better write cepat2 nnt x ingat plak.confession of a shopahollic,apa yg kita faham akan title itu.for me shopping is a biggest interest nowadays.yea la shopping is like a 6 months of therapy.when u shop u rasa u puas n for me,saya rasa kita perlu la ber ala kadar jea.hehehe(bajet la saya mcm tu).when it comes to shopping saya suka bag,bag is like my biggest asset of all,lau saya kuar xbwk bag i feel like naked(oppss).saya suka bag yg besar2 sbb statement n saya rasa sgt secure lau saya pakai bag besar.when it comes to dressing saya suka pakai apa yg saya rasa ok.i don't give a damn of others will say about me as i pakai apa yg betul.trend tu ad yg blh ikut ad gak yg bagi saya biar saya yg jadi trendstter.huhu.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

ohh saya exam esok..c programming ag..ntah la.finger cross(wink wink)

esok pkl 830 pagi ad exam.c programming..i just wonder mcm mana la soklan exam nya nnt..math was like catastrophe dh.hopefully yg nie ok jea.minx2 la soklan x swh buat programming yg pelik2 lau x saya duduk kat kusi smbil ketawa sowunk2..bkn sbb blh buat sbb clueless..hopefully saya blh buat..u can do it biatch..wish me luck yaa..huhu~~

study study..jgn malas plak..huhu

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

britney is back!!beware lady

britney spears femme fatale is damn best..i cant imagine sumer lagu dlm album nie sgt best thp hell..each song has its own uniqueness.u shuld listen 2 every single of the im now enjoying listening 2 britney now..dulu xminat pom dia skunk dh minat sbb lagu dia is so me.gaytueww..feel like dancing listening 2 all of these songs..

lagu dia sumer damn best.huhu.rugi sapew x dgr

salah satu lagu from this album..lagu nie sgt best..

love friendship???

u know what,love and friendship yg mana satu kowunk akn prioritize dulu??some will choose love,some will choose friendship n the rest will choose both.masalahnya skunk,lau sapew dh kapel 2 secara otomatiknya dia akn jd renggang ngan kwn dia,yea la mesti la 24/7 ngan bf@gf.for me la.frankly speaking i wil choose friendship sbb i know that susah or sng kwn 2 still ad ngan kita but sometimes love will soon fade away.saya still ingat kata2 my friend kat sekolah rndh dulu(ceh hbat gilew ingatanku-uweik:P) dia ckp cinta ibarat kentut ditahan resah diluah that true??ntah la maria..ia depends on individual thinking la plak kn.apa yg dia pk psl bnda 2.for me hang out ngan friends ag best sbb i will be as wild n crazy as i can be lau kuar ngan ehem2 kene la cover nnt terkejut la si dia dgn telatah kita yg ntah apa2 2 kan..ntahla sudin....
friendship is about connecting with people and understanding and sharing of thick and thin together

love is a 4 letter needs sacrifice and loyalty.will u really prepared 2 give ur all to love??well i dont know..

oh im so in love with 90's movies

ntah la napew lately,saya yg dulunya minat horror citew bunuh2 blh plak tetiba hook up citer romantik 90's gaytuew.x fhm gal.but most of the time i enjoy watching them.sgt romantic n realistik x mcm citer romantik skunk sgt 'lady gaga'(i mean pelik,storyline kurang).contoh citew never been kissed,cer 2 sgt close 2 me sbb saya rasa cer tu about a girl who wants 2 b apreciated during her school times but unfortunately dia kene bully smpai la dia go under cover jd student balik korek rahsia student smpai la dia jd feymes n jatuh cnta kat cikgu kat c2.sgt romantik..setiap scene cer 2 sgt menarik.oh im so in love with the movie.drew barrymore is such a good actress she plays the role sgt baik n it leaves spark in me..


exam math yg x terduga

td petang tepat pkl3.30,saya telah menduduki exam first paper saya iaitu math..saya sedulunya menyukai subjek nie ttp ntah all of sudden the interest terhadap subjek 2 pudar(ceh mcm lagu rossa la plak).yg peliknya saya dh study tau tup2 masuk jea hall n ddk kat kusi tu etiba apa yg saya revise ilang..ironinya saya blh buat tapi ntahla..hopefully result math saya lulus..n saya happy sbb saya dh xpyh study math ag..huhu..bye2 u math..uweik..yeappie..