Tuesday, 19 April 2011

is it true that devil wears prada?

is it?if its true,i would like to see one..lol..well when it comes to fashion world most fashion i can say is bias gender.why everything that come under label of fashion has to go with woman?even woman can wear skirt,dress,high heels and so on.i say this not because i jealous(or is it obvious?,don't mind me)lol.well i love fashion its like my best friend,i love to read fashion magazine(credit to my bff-hurairah) for introducing me GLAM magazine which i think is a must for me every month.i like the spread inside the mag and all the latest trend that make world spinning nowadays.when i was 13,i said to myself i will be one of most top fashion designer in the world(perhaps).i love to design,the inspiration comes from within and wallah one sketch of your dream which you express it in one piece of paper and turn to be i guess a huge and beautiful dress or otherwise.for me fashion evolves with time,and every people have their own style so why don't you show it to the world.don't be afraid of what others will say about you.fashion is a communication with people and connect with them and my definition of fashion is simple yet classy,you can be bitchy sometimes but yet have to make it looks fantastic and blow people mind.lady gaga's fashion taste is crap but people adore her because she dares to take the challenge as others cannot.so fashion for me also about taking chances,when you see the opportunities ahead grab them with no hesitation and live your life.

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