Wednesday, 13 April 2011

oh im so in love with 90's movies

ntah la napew lately,saya yg dulunya minat horror citew bunuh2 blh plak tetiba hook up citer romantik 90's gaytuew.x fhm gal.but most of the time i enjoy watching them.sgt romantic n realistik x mcm citer romantik skunk sgt 'lady gaga'(i mean pelik,storyline kurang).contoh citew never been kissed,cer 2 sgt close 2 me sbb saya rasa cer tu about a girl who wants 2 b apreciated during her school times but unfortunately dia kene bully smpai la dia go under cover jd student balik korek rahsia student smpai la dia jd feymes n jatuh cnta kat cikgu kat c2.sgt romantik..setiap scene cer 2 sgt menarik.oh im so in love with the movie.drew barrymore is such a good actress she plays the role sgt baik n it leaves spark in me..


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