Sunday, 4 December 2011

tonite is the nite

OHH MMM JAAYYY(stands for OMJ)..mlm nie is the nite im going to perform for festival seni ukm 2011 for  dowunk koir..sentap uollsss..nyanyi lahu sway michael buble punya version not PUSSYCAT DOLLS punya..lau dowunk punya version sah sah lar tarian lahar yg kuar nnt.mmg boom meletops layaknya..nervous nie sbb i stand kt front row so everyone will see me..mmg sentap lar..lau i buat mistake mmg akn nmpk obvious rata2 org suka performance kita hopefully everything will go just fine..thanks to the all the members of koir 2011 for ur commitment towards this..yihaaa..ROCK THE STAGE TONITE!!!!arghhhhh.....huhuhu...puss puss..BISOU>>