Friday, 2 December 2011

jgn sesekali merasa rendah diri

why i am different from others?
why do you have to be like others?
dialog nie from one video i just recently saw..mmg inspiring.can u imagine a deaf girl who is enthusiastically in music(violin)..we know kan org yg kurang deria pendengaran nie mana blh dgr muzik but this video is Thailand mmg pndai buat ad yg touching n inspiring..yer lar kan skunk nie byk kes remaja bunuh diri sbb low self-esteem so i shuld give credit to Thailand yg take big step for it..i rasa this kind of ad secara tidak langsung dpt boost up self confidence..for me it will lar..sometimes kita yg super-hepi-mepi nie kdg2 stress n sedey gk..but watching the video mmg menaikkan semangat i(ceh ibarat tgk perlawanan final bola sepak) mmg xcited n teruja.x for me lar..setiap org dilahirkan dengan keistimewaan masing2..walaupom kita xperfect there will be someone who will complete u nnt..for me my friends complete my imperfection so i really love n appreciate my frenzs more thing, jgn sesekali give up n always reach ur goal..set ur goal which u can accomplish..jgn buat goal setinggi skycrapper lau u xblh nk capai..blh but everything u do mesti la baby step..huhu..khanz..nnt tup tup jadi stressful u ended commit suicide n do something out-of-reach(minx2 jauh kan lah)...i rasa i dh melencong jauh from the video nie mmg sgt sentap tahap sawan for me..lau tgk nie mmg inspiring lar..esok tu dh ad sinar perubahan..amek kau..PENGSAN STATEMENT!!!hahahaha..btw this is the video  njoy n get inspired

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